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Android Wear 2.0: a brief description of a huge update

The long-awaited update for Android smartwatches finally sees the light in April, 2017, after fighting some last minute issues and fixing the bug that delayed the rollout. Android Wear 2.0 was announced in the beginning of February and is already available

New iOS 10 features to be excited about

New iOS 10 features are a significant update of both UI and UX. Some interface sections changed drastically, but all the changes are great. Apple made sure even the most sophisticated users are delighted with the piece of art their iPhones turned into.

MWC’17 Barcelona innovations for mobile

Mobile world congress 2017 is over. It took place at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Spain from February, 27 to March, 2 and these 4 days were incredible! Around 108,000 people were able to witness the true power of mobile