MWC’17 Barcelona innovations for mobile

MWC’17 Barcelona innovations for mobile

Mobile world congress 2017 is over. It took place at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Spain from February, 27 to March, 2 and these 4 days were incredible! Around 108,000 people were able to witness the true power of mobile, which is behind literally every new breakthrough and innovation emerging in our fast-paced and interconnected world!

More than 2,300 companies and startups from 208 countries all over the world took part in a massive exposition located at magnificent state-of-the-art Fira Gran Via expo centre and Fira Montjuïc. A whopping 3,500 of reporters represented the mass media worldwide and provided a thorough coverage of the event. The pavilions were spread across 9 huge halls and 11 outdoor locations, occupying around 100 square kilometers in total.

The expo showcased a plethora of breakthroughs and incredible projects that will change the way we communicate and live: 5G Internet coverage for IoT, connected cars, smart houses, 3D printing, robotics, drones, Artificial Intelligence, wearable tech for augmented reality and virtual reality, along with data security solutions, and backend technologies of mobile development. The GSMA Innovation city visitors were also given a possibility to take part in the most immersive and cutting-edge demonstrations of many of these technologies at work, as well as getting acquainted with the latest mobile-enabled apps and services from the companies around the globe.

The latest addition to the exposition was the NextTechHall 8.0 showcasing several of the aforementioned technologies.

YoMo 2017 was a pan-Spain Youth Mobile festival, bringing more than 11,000 children aged 11-16 in order to describe them the possibilities opening for those choosing to obtain professions needed in mobile development industry. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Design) and Maths form the STEAM – the most important branches of education needed for bringing fresh minds and innovative ideas into the industry.

MWC holds dear the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Mobile apps and technologies are built not only for profit or entertainment, they should be aimed at fighting poverty, injustice, discrimination of any kind, slowing the global climate change, etc. A variety of conference sessions and networking events were devoted to discussing these topics and depicting these goals with the help of augmented reality-based app.

Women are an all-important part of mobile-related industry, so Women4Tech educational initiative was aimed at encouraging more women to try themselves out in various jobs, including the ones requiring leadership and managerial skills, which many women excel at. One of the core missions of this programme is supporting the SDG 5 – the goal for gender equality.

322 speakers had their talks during an intense conference programme. They represented mobile operators and organizations, consumer brands and NGOs even from the industries that are not considered too closely mobile-related. Automotive and health, banking and entertainment industries begin to be connected through innovative mobile technologies that change the world around us. One of the most anticipated keynote speakers was the CEO and founder of Netflix – Reed Hastings. He shared his vision of how the world of content is now in the process of change and disruption.

There was quite a bunch of Partner Programmes where 29 mobile industry evangelists and visionaries disclosed the effects of the mobile technology advancements, and what new possibilities now form the mobile industry landscape. The topics discussed covered a huge range of topics, from the 4th Industrial Revolution and automated factories to Consumer IoT (smart houses, etc.), new forms of content delivery in the era of social media, e Government and public policies, etc.

4YFN is the best place for mobile startups and mobile development companies to contact the investors or potential partners in order to shape the future together. Located at Fira Montjuïc, 4YFN attracted thousands of visitors and provided immense networking possibilities for everyone involved. Such exposure is essential in order to help new ideas reach the tech community worldwide and gain the support it needs to succeed.

Mobile World Congress 2017 was a majestic experience. QuanticApps looks forward to taking part in the next events. We’ll be happy to meet you there!



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