New iOS 10 features to be excited about

New iOS 10 features to be excited about

Since it release in September, 2016, iOS 10 was closely examined by various experts and millions of users worldwide. According to the overwhelming majority of reviews, the OS overall performance has improved greatly and UI/UX has gotten even more comfortable and feature-rich. While certain features aim at improving the usage convenience, some are introduced for the sake of the ease of app integration.

For example, Find My Airpods is the feature that will undoubtedly become one of your favorites, as these slim earbuds seem to be able to hide in the open! Simply download Find My iPhone app, sign in with iCloud account, tap on the Airpods, select Actions and Play sound. That’s it, the Airpods will begin to chirp and you  will be able to find them easily.

Quantic Apps composed a list of 15 most noteworthy iOS 10 features to be aware of. The list is presented in no particular order and will be useful for those, who just decided to leave Android behind and enter the world of iOS10 — and even more useful for those who are now making the long-awaited upgrade from previous devices and want to know what’s new, what has improved and what is left intact.

New Facial Recognition algorithm

The users now have much more convenience while browsing Photos in search of great selfies and other shots with their friends as Facial Recognition feature now works much better. The new People tab in Albums also allows grouping those photos as the user sees fit. Possible security concerns are well addressed – this features works only for the photos stored on the device itself.

New Widgets functionality for many Apps

You will not need to unlock the iPhone any more in order to check the latest messages in FB, news, weather and much, much more. New Widgets feature in iOS10 allows doing it by adding animated, expandable and highly customizable widgets that can display text, play audio and even video. SImply swipe to the right from the lock screen – and there you go! Adding new Widgets is also simple – use 3D Touch on the app icon and tap Add Widget!

Emojis just got so much better!

iOS 10 emojis boast much richer functionality, as compared to their predecessors. The emojis are 3 times larger when sent without text, and can be used as substitutes for text inside iMessage or Message app — iOS simply highlights the words that can be replaced with emojis as you type. After you finish typing the text, simply tap the Emoji button and replace all suitable words with shiny emojis!

In-text URLs are now visualized

This is a great feature, enhancing any link you send in iMessage or Message app with an image (automatically fetched from the site) and a short description. This works for iTunes, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. (yes, you can now watch a video or listen to the music without even leaving the chat with a friend!). This feature supports URLs to track on Spotify, but these are not played in-line, of course.

6 types of third party apps are integrated with Siri, more are to come

iOS10 was a milestone in many meanings, including the long-awaited opening of Siri SDK (Sirikit)for developers. This allows using voice commands for requesting a Lyft, messaging in LinkedIn or WhatsApp or even browsing for photos on Pinterest. The initial 6 types of apps will undoubtedly be followed by others, which will allow using Siri with favorite third-party apps of each customer.

Apple Music receives a new personalized playlist

The new Discovery Mix playlist will enrich the Apple Music usage experience greatly, offering new tracks in the user’s preferred categories. Two other playlists, My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix are on rotation already. The structure the tracks either according to the most repeated ones, or deliver new songs from favorite artists, os it’s only logical that My Discovery Mix will bolster this functionality.

Apple Music now comes with lyrics!

Finally! No need to browse for lyrics for a great new song any more! Whenever you are listening to a track on Apple Music you can just pull up — and the lyrics module will be downloaded. Unfortunately, not all publishers signed a contract with Apple, so some lyrics might be unavailable, but the majority of great tracks are now available for karaoke whenever and wherever you want it!

Transcription (and spam protection) for Voicemail

Voicemail can be great, but listening to it is not always comfortable.One of iOS 10 new features is the long-requested transcription for Voicemail, turning it to an easy-to-read text. In addition, Voicemail SDK (Callkit) is in place, which aims at stopping the Voicemail spam.

Any VoIP to your service

Not all contacts are stored in the phone. We speak with people in Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other VoIP services. Previously, you had to store these contacts separately or add them to a contact list by hand. One of the  new iOS 10 features is the ability to treat all such calls like native Phone calls. They are stored in the journal, you can add them to the list of contacts and the app of choice will be used for calling such contacts in the future! No more hassle, just select the contact and call it — iPhone will launch Skype or Slack automatically!

3D Touch is really useful now

This feature introduced with iPhone 6 and 6s was not very popular as it obviously came ahead of the demand. With iOS 10, however, 3D Touch becomes an important and useful feature. You can now deep-press the app icon and create a widget for it, accept a Calendar invite or clear all Notifications without even unlocking your iPhone! Many more functions are sure to come and 3D Touch will take its rightful place amongst the most widely used iOS 10 features.

Remove Native Apps if you wish so

In the new iOS version all Native Apps can be removed from the Home screen. They are not deleted, however, to prevent the system from crashing, the user can simply hide the launcher icons from sight. Should the need arise, any Native App can be easily “reinstalled” from the App Store.

QuickType is your new best friend

Another iOS 10 feature that is drastically improved is QuickType. It can now read the text requests you receive and help answer them with ease. For example, questions like “Where are you” will surface a suggestion to pin your current location on a map. Inquiries about a friend’s phone number or address will surface the needed info from the contact list, etc. Finding a needed information in your Calendar or contact list just became a lot easier.

Multilingual keyboard from QuickType

Another welcomed functionality is the QuickType’s ability to automatically write the text in multiple languages, even if you did not switch to the correct keyboard before typing the text. Simply add the keyboard in Settings — General — Keyboard and QuickType will analyse the text as you type and stay put for switching the keyboard if need be.

Apple Pay makes its way into your buying routine

Whenever you want to shop online you can use Apple Pay feature directly from your iPhone now. Setup it once and use it on any sites supporting the feature, instead of inputting the credit card details over and over again.

Home app for your smart home

A brand new app called Home was released with iOS 10. It allows connecting all HomeKit-enabled devices into groups and controlling them with buttons or Siri voice commands. For example, a simple “Goodnight!” can turn all the TVs off, close the shades, lock the doors and switch the thermostat on. No more walking around half-asleep checking if everything is done. Home app will keep your home safe!

There are many more great new iOS 10 features, yet we suggest you explore them on your own, as there is nothing compared to the joy of discovery. Be sure that Quantic Apps will use all the opportunities iOS 10 offers to mobile developers, so expect new great apps from us!


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