Our Services

From a startup to enterprise we help businesses go mobile. Prepare for digital future. Ready, set, go!
Business marketing
We perform an in-depth analysis of each customer’s business strategy and target audience. This helps us deliver apps that solve the target audience’s pains and help our customers succeed.
Mobile app design
We house a team of talented and experienced UX/UI designers, who ensure our mobile apps have eye-catching aesthetic design, user-friendly interface and provide great user experience.
Mobile app development
We deploy experts in mobile app development to combine top-notch technology and beautiful design and deliver fun, fast and useful apps that thousands of people use daily.
Mobile app marketing
Creating a great mobile app is only the starting point of the journey. Our marketers help promote your apps in mobile app stores to reach the widest audience and ensure your success.
Mobile app optimisation
If your app performed well for several years, this is great, yet it also means your app is several years old. We can optimize it to use the latest technologies, run faster and provide even better UX.
Web app development
Desktop still leads the race VS mobile, meaning a mobile app is not enough. We are good at web app development, too. Our developers are able to implement top-notch technology and deliver excellent web apps to our customers.
Web app design
Our UI/UX designers provide consistency of design and user experience across multiple devices and platforms, so that your app performs great on any device the customer prefers.
Web app marketing
Web apps should be promoted just as mobile apps do. We use both time-proven SMM tactics like targeted ads to create buzz and nimble tricks to raise hype around your web app. We make sure your web app is promoted efficiently and reaches the intended audience.
Your special case
Contact us and describe your unique request. We'll strike your problem with all our brain power. Сontact us through the contact form, email us to [email protected] or call +44 208 088 2784.

Our team qualities

Carefully handpicked wizards in their areas of specialization, teamed up under QuanticApps's roof to form a perfect ensemble of talents. We've got what it takes to design the awesome.


Our team is composed of people who have the fire of innovation burning bright in their hearts. We are aware of the latest trends and are eager to innovate wherever possible in order to deliver truly competitive and outstanding products.


Creativity cannot be taught, yet it can be trained and developed. We house a team of really creative professionals with passion to delivering great mobile and web apps. Every app we develop is a masterpiece that becomes the tool of choice for thousands of people.


Strong technical background is even more important than creative mind. Our designers and developers have ample experience in web and mobile development and are always eager to improve further. We use the top-notch technology and well-honed skills to create great apps.


Teamwork is essential for completing the projects in a timely and reliable manner. Our small, yet devoted team has worked for several years and can ensure the tasks are done on schedule and the resulting product is of highest quality.