Top 6 hot web development trends for 2017

Top 6 hot web development trends for 2017

New web development trends emerge all the time, yet only some of them become disruptions that change the landscape of the industry. In order to gain and keep a competitive edge for their apps, web developers have to ride the tide. Thus said, keeping an eye on the whole wave of new technologies and knowing which ones are worth using are two totally different things. Below is the list of what Quantic Apps considers to be the top 6 hot web development trends of 2017.

Web apps for the Internet of Things

Yes, the talks about it have been around for some time. However, 2017 might well become the breakthrough when the new era of smart gadgets and tech begins. Why so? Just take a look at Marc Zuckerberg’s Jarvis system of house control, which already exists and helps him control many systems of his house through apps instead of hands. The market for such apps is already large as of 2017 and it will definitely increase even further. However, certain security questions arise, and these should definitely be addressed before web apps for the Internet of Things are market-ready. This means 2017 will be a year of challenges and huge possibilities for web developers who will try creating apps for the IoT.

Artificial Intelligence use in web design and more…

AI is another widely discussed topic, yet 2017 can become the year when feasible AI-based systems hit the market. Google search engine is already using AI technology, allowing Google optimize the search results even more efficiently. Wikipedia AI helps with articles validation and removing the broken or malicious links. We expect more and more applications of AI to reveal themselves in 2017, as developers concentrate their time and effort in building new AI-driven apps and tools.

A great example of used in web app is Molly — the algorithm powering The, a simple website builder. Anyone without even the basic design skills can answer Molly’s written questions about the website design and elements — and the AI creates the page! Feel free to try it out and experiment as much as you want, you will only help Molly become better.

Virtual Reality implementation in web development

In 2017 virtual reality can become much more real as Google and Mozilla combine their efforts on developing VR APIs for the web. Having such tools at their arsenal will help web developers build apps for literally any purpose, from virtual tourism and education to using virtual tours for showcasing real estate. Adding such functionality can make many products more competitive .

Angular 2 universe changes

Angular 2 was released in 2016, and developers worldwide now have to learn the Google’s main frontend development JS framework anew. Angular 2 relies on Javascript ES6 functionality, uses TypeScript for writing apps and uses component-driven architecture intensively. In their release post the Angular 2 publishers promised major updates each 6 months, meaning lots of news for all web developers working with this framework.

Typescript is the new Javascript

Typescript is the most possible way of Javascript evolution. Typescript is an open-source Javascript superset that was developed by Microsoft and is built upon ECMAScript 6. It makes Javascript code checking and refactoring incredibly simple. Using the classic JS syntax and deploying powerful tools for various frameworks integration, Typescript is a great choice for building highly scalable apps in an easy fashion.

The latest trends in web design

Knowing the latest frontend development trends means keeping an eye on web design as well. Here are certain points of interest in web design for 2017:

  1. User interfaces that track movements are quite a real possibility. When combined with libs like tracking.js, this can lead to creation of movement-reacting interfaces really soon.
  2. As more and more users browse the web from mobile devices, large and bold fonts are becoming more popular.
  3. Most of the users nowadays expect to see some kind of explainer videos or explanatory pictures on any app or website they browse.

This is the list of top 6 hot web development trends for 2017 as seen by Quantic Apps. Did we miss something? Would you like to add or replace certain points? Tell us in the comments below!


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