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We believe that mobile apps will shape the future. We help it happen.
Who we are.
We are QuanticApps a mobile app & web design and development company. We believe that mobile apps will shape the future.

Millennials and Gen-Z love to socialize and shop online through their handheld devices. More than 44% of online purchases in 2016 were made by using mobile technologies. And this market is growing rapidly. People use hundreds of apps during their daily routine.

And here we come: a small yet passionate team of QuanticApps talents helps different brands reach their strategic goals in mobile development.
What we do.
Here at QuanticApps, We concentrate our effort on making sure our vision comes true. We deliver mobile apps and desktop websites, marketing and promotion services to startups, businesses and enterprises alike.

Whether you need an app for business or education, healthcare or financial services, office or geolocation — QuanticApps stand ready to build it.

We develop your mobile app on iOS and Android and make it work seamlessly across multiple desktop and mobile devices, including tablets various iPad models, smartphones, smartwatches and another specialized wearable tech.
How we do it.
As we are well-used to the reality of modern UK startup landscape, QuanticApps helps entrepreneurs, companies, and startups to reach the audience, promote their apps and set out on their journey to success.

Branding, strategic positioning, app and website development, app promotion in the app store (both for iOS and Android), ongoing support, maintenance, updates and development of engaging and award-winning user experiences.

QuanticApps ensures every startup can get on the rails and head for success.

Our Works

We develop everything from scratch to guarantee the unique and outstanding design 
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We Design Your Business

UI/UX Design
One of the biggest challenges any app faces is the customer’s short attention span. About eight seconds separates an app from being closed and uninstalled, should it not be able to solve the intended task at once. Our UI/UX designers, make sure your app is user-centred, intuitively understandable and easy to use. The ease of use is the fundamental standpoint of customer satisfaction. We utilize each microsecond and optimize each pixel of your app to deliver the best user experience possible.
Mobile Application
About 80% of the UK population has one or more mobile devices and use them day-to-day. It means that creating a mobile app helps reach new clients and keep the existing users happy as people prefer native apps to mobile websites. Mobile app stores hold millions of apps for any possible purpose and face billions of downloads monthly. This is a huge and profitable market all entrepreneurs must penetrate to ensure their success. QuanticApps is the ultimate place to start at. 
BEING Up To Date
Some of our customers already have a website or an app — yet the market trends rapidly and to remain competitive the app should stay up to date. Experienced developers at QuanticApps help implement the latest and most popular UI/UX ideas, ensure the new app version loads and works faster, looks better and performs smoothly on any new mobile devices and platforms. There's always room for improvement.

Let's make awesome things, together.

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